About Me

A Bit About Me

Based in Edinburgh, my studio is always an explosion of fabric and colour, with the odd cat or two sleeping on the sunny window sill.

Since graduating more than 20 odd years ago with a degree in printed textiles from the Scottish College of Textiles in Galashiels, I have been incorporating free machine embroidery into my work. This is the technique of drawing freehand with a sewing machine to illustrate an image or design. On leaving college, it didn’t take long for my 2 dimensional designs to begin wrapping around the body in the form of corset based garments.

I am inspired primarily by natural forms and colours, and my work expresses my love of animal and botanical forms.  Along with colour and form, combining textures is a constant inspiration. Now inspiration can come from the smallest thing.

I’ve had great enjoyment over the years making special tops and dresses for my clients.

I can’t remember a time when I didn’t make things, and it was to me that the old Aunties sewing things came. I loved it. So many beautiful threads and strange tools in wooden boxes to be treasured. I still use the sewing shears which belonged to my Great Aunt Jean from Glasgow. I like to think I inherited some of her sewing skills.

Running parallel with my embroidery, I have, over the years, amassed a wide knowledge of garment construction and sewing techniques, which I greatly enjoy passing on through teaching at a wide range of levels.

I offer a specialised range of classes based at my sewing studio in the Drillhall on Dalmeny Street.

Information on these can be found on my blog, at http://mairib.wordpress.com